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She would be found dead the following morning. The central focus is the relationship between BBC and Stonewall. Theyre taking a position. Why are we asking a question about gender identity. Emily and her guests share practical guidance and helpful tools for improving immune health and overall well-being for Out of the Hourglass, presented by Nolan Consulting Group, is here to help Small Business Owners and Contractors alike visualize their goals, develop their team & build sustainable growth. Heres what they said in a statement. There was a photo spread to show the people in town but it was more awkward than inclusive. They wont release this information so that we can determine whether or not Stonewall did have any real influence over their policies. Does Party leader Donaldson agree? Weve heard from recent court cases that those beliefs are actually all right to have. So to try and suggest that this lobby group and they are a lobby group, are somehow kind of independent arbiters of what is best for LGBT people is bizarre. But you're so much more powerful than you imagine.Whole-Body Health is geared toward parents of children who want to overcome life-threatening food and environmental allergies. They havent agreed. And what does Christopher Bumbray of Joblo.com think? Contact the PSNI on their non-emergency 101 number. Now ACAS mandates that firms have to report their gender pay gap, but they allow firms to report in terms of the self identified sex rather than actual sex of the employee. Preference cookies enable a website to remember information that changes the way the website behaves or looks, like your preferred language or the region that you are in. So in this particular circumstance that Im giving you its not in Scotland but in England. You can listen to the full podcast on BBC Sounds here. So lobbying is important. *In late March 1973, 18 year old Marian Beattie went to a charity dance at Hadden's Garage on the outskirts of Aughnacloy with her best friend and brother. And by the way, the kind of lawyer brain in me and Im not a lawyer, but the lawyer brain in me just notices the wording of this. Host Justin (Aka @JustTries) interviews experts in their field, and creates solo lessons to help you with growth mindset, business, vulnerability, and goal setting. Or a young 19 year old gentleman fighting for his father to receive his life saving operations from pancreatic cancer. So, for example, a friend of mine is a lesbian whos married to another lesbian. Recommended by Anamymous. And thats what Stonewall want organisations to do. I mean, theres no scientific evidence that gender identity exists, and theres no scientific evidence for many of the things that they say. Google Universal Analytics long-time unique user tracking identifier. What about the LGBT people who dont like Stonewall? Unfortunately, there is no baby expected yet. No credit card needed. The Meaning Of Life And to me, the meaning of life question is meaning. And I actually got this from Viktor Frankl, not just a Holocaust survivor, but a, BOF's Justin Kowalski talks BATMAN '89 with writer/producer F.J. DeSanto on the 9th episode of BOF's Batman On Film Chapter podcast.By Bill "Jett" Ramey, DUP MP Ian Paisley spoke Nolan Live on BBCNI last night.By BBC Radio Ulster, Jonathan Majors is without a doubt THE actor of the moment and he's here on HAPPY SAD CONFUSED to talk about it all! Copyright 2023 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. And why should they? Stonewall is proud to work with some incredible organisations and individuals to create a world where all lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer people are free to be themselves wherever we are. So the public money is going to this political lobbying group. How does the public interest of knowing how this lobby group interacted with our public institutions, how does that not trump this? Public opinion on the tension between womens rights and trans demands. Stephen Nolan @StephenNolan "The bottom line is - cars are dangerous" - caller John - a member of Extinction Rebellion John - a member of Extinction Rebellion - opposes the A5 upgrade in preference of public transport infrastructure. It comes from Latin, but a lot of people dont know what it means, lets face it. During this podcast we have revealed the extent of the influence that Stonewall have in government. So lets have the language as inclusive as possible. And I think, particularly worrying to some of my friends who have been involved with them for a long time is this secrecy thing and that youre either in the club or youre not? Donut Media brings you some of the craziest stories from all of automotive history in their new podcast "Past Gas!". The 2021 census includes new questions, counting military veterans and extra categories on sexual orientation and gender identity. In late March 1973, 18 year old Marian Beattie went to a charity dance at Hadden's Garage on the outskirts of Aughnacloy with her best friend and brother. Listen to audio about Stephen Norris. Nolan Investigates: Stonewall. Also, weight loss drug - I talk with a Nutrionist to ask how it works and if it's safe. And has crucial evidence been lost forever? Well, identity is important to people, isnt it? We also have our first encounter with the PSNI in this episode. Stephen Nolan's no nonsense approach to confronting the biggest issues of the day: an unmissable mixture of news, phone ins and entertainment. I prefer the policies that Ive seen that some NHS trusts have used where theyre using when its relating to maternity, its like mother and/or whatever other terms that might be appropriate for the individual. We went to the Scottish government with a whole series of detailed questions on all of the matters weve discussed. But in the question of where our money is going to, there should be absolute transparency. Stephen Currys looming return further teased by Steve Kerr. Were going to be seen eventually, somehow having some influence in the cancelling of the word mother, and we dont want any part of it. Ive never been asked about gender identity in my life. We asked the Welsh government for an interview. All of this and more! I might be wrong, but I think we would have heard of it if it had happened. Its the ONS that have suffered the reputational damage. Exactly. Also, potholes in NI Only a third repaired after a record reported for January. The Scottish government did not answer our specific questions. Thompson and I spoke to her after that ruling. A podcast dedicated to the creation, preservation, and conversation of cinema. Nolan looks at the influence Stonewall has in public institutions across the UK. TOC & Copyright == Early life == Yes, its trying to please Stonewall. You can listen to the full audiohereor read the condensed transcript below. Now, have they said that? h is gender identity protected? And this was the response. There is already speculation that PM Rishi Sunak hasn't done enough to win over the DUP, Omagh police attack - latest news and reaction. We still havent got an interview nailed down. We talk to a range of voices with a view on sex, gender and identity. No, it doesnt. An original podcast series produced by Nolan Catholic High School in the Diocese of Fort Worth, Texas. And actually, if we want to understand the discrimination that trans people and nonbinary people may be facing, then we need good data on that. Teams are the new unit of currency in business. But also theres no need for it. -Yes, No, Or prefer not to say so. Of course, they should. When questioned regarding the BBC's non-participation, he said, "I think with hindsight the BBC should've participated in that podcast. But it would be absolutely fascinating to find out. Because they think the fact that, that person changed their mind, at least open to interpretation means, look, now theyre adopting your language, cis. Stonewall called it a shame and that they would "continue to engage with the BBC on a number of fronts to champion support for LGBTQ+ colleagues and to represent our communities through their reporting". To watch episodes of Happy Sad Confused, subscribe to Josh's youtube channel here! Remember, the purpose of this journalism is not just about Stonewall. Prime Minister in town selling his EU Brexit deal - a major breakthrough, or is he spinning? What is there to hide? Someone objected to themselves being described as cis. The way that would have been sold I imagine is that would have been sold as this is how you help LGBT people progress within the organisation. Nolan Knows college football gambling podcast providing insight, breakdowns and reviews of each weeks games along with picks, competitions, and laughs! And then theres a question for Stonewall, why do they want to keep this out of the public domain? In some places it was reported as being nominated for 4, based on a line in a statement which reads: "Stephen Nolans work has been nominated in four categories". Welcome to the Nolan podcast, where amazing things happen. WebStream Stephen Nolan free online. It's also a great way to discover new podcasts." Welcome to the Stephen Nolan Audio channel. BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Radio 5 Live and BBC One. Stephen will use this to communicate personally with you and you will also find key audio from his radio and tv shows. Listen to audio about Stephen Oremus. The Scottish government have already -youve lost it. I mean, I understand why the government are now really looking hard at this. I dont think theres anybody in Scotland, a trans man who has given birth. There is already speculation that PM Rishi Sunak hasn't done enough to win over the DUP, Patients in pain, waiting years for health service treatment is now 'the norm' - warn GPs. And how would you feel if your employer then went on to tell this lobby group look at this good work, this person changed their mind? We FOIed [Freedom of Information Request] the Scottish government. This is a special Nolan Show podcast, following the events of that night, and the investigation that followed. So thats not a debate. It is completely normal and appropriate for charities to engage with public sector organisations to advocate for their beneficiaries to improve public policy. So the Scottish government told Stonewall. Breaking news and hard-hitting talk - Stephen Nolan gets you talking about the big stories of the day. Move on. 7 | BATMAN '89: "I'm Glad You're Dead", Cost of childcare a midwife student contacts Nolan saying childcare costs mean she can't afford to stay at university, Ep. Nolan Investigates looks at the influence Stonewall has in public institutions across the UK. "I don't really have time for podcasts" -Dr. Ada Palmer discussing the show. One journalist I will always follow, hard hitting, no nonsense and works hard for all listeners. But if the Welsh government are writing stuff down, thats incorrect. We work closely with organisations and individuals from a wide range of representative groups in England and Wales to ensure the questions included in the Census provide the fullest picture of our population. The idea is that they advocate on behalf of staff, so theyve got an LGBTI and an allies network in Scotland. Exactly. Call Stephen on 03030 80 55 55 (standard geographic charges from landlines and mobiles will apply), text 81771 or email nolan@bbc.co.uk. Nolan Investigates: Stonewall. PODCAST Nolan looks at the influence Stonewall has in public institutions across the UK. Support for people affected by issues covered in our recent programmes. I can see theyve actually spelt out here that they want the words mothers, pregnant women and fathers taken out. Lisa Nolan enjoys podcasting about many topics including homeschool, education, parenting, as well as book reviews and kid-lit, and of course, Montessori! DUP MP Ian Paisley spoke Nolan Live on BBCNI last night. Eddie not his real name contacted the Nolan Show. It is also completely normal and appropriate for charities to support public sector organisations through service provision. Well, we dont agree with the word cis. Stonewall tells organisations it should record data on the gender identities of their staff, and thats not a legal requirement to do so. Join the #1 community of podcast lovers and never miss a great podcast. Nolan Kunz. In January, a row broke out over how the Office for National Statistics was going to record sex in the census. Also, more than half of victims of sex crime in Northern Ireland are aged under 18. Whether it was toward a teacher as a child, or a boss, she always wanted to do things her own way. The spokesperson for the transgender youth charity Mermaids condemned the podcast and claimed that it was an attempt to "silence and undermine the integrity of organisations which stand up for LGBTQIA+ rights". Who says gender identity exists in the first place? Thats a really good question. From BBC Radio Ulster, Age of Conquest: A Kings and Generals Podcast. They say more, they say, if this is what you mean by a gagging clause, then such an accusation would also apply to the BBC every time it enters into a professional relationship that attracts any sort of duty of confidentiality. Malcolm Clark of the LGB alliance. Make snippets of Stephen talking to create audio highlights to share with your friends or embed in related blog posts. Make snippets of Stephen talking to create audio highlights to share with your friends or embed in related blog posts. From BBC Radio Ulster, UVF and UDA through their representative group say 'credible threat' - if loyalism and unionism continues to be undermined. Browse for Stephen Owens interviews, guest appearances, and call-ins. So what is it? So there are things like that that need to be considered. For example, like when the ONS had to be taken to court and the ONS policies were ruled unlawful? And I kind of knew that anecdotally but I dont know any of the figures behind it. During the night she was seen dancing with a young man. Like the BBC, Stonewall did issue general statements, but would not put anyone up for interview, nor directly answer any of the 50+ questions the podcast put to them.[5]. Well, it goes beyond the effects on women because it actually affects everybody. Let Donut Medias Nolan Sykes, and motor-journalists Alanis King (Business Insider, Jalopnik) and Elizabeth Blackstock (Jalopnik), be your friendly guides to the wild world of Formula One. So they came back 2020, Telling the Scottish government that there was still room for improvement. 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I think thats what it is. But Stonewall are asking for terms such as mother to be removed. And thats really important that we know whats going on, that we may not know about otherwise. Yeah, I absolutely agree with the MCLG and all those government departments are paid for, obviously by the taxpayers. Nolan takes on case after case of investigations, and doesnt stop without results. Exactly. This first episode sets out why these podcasts are important Its not about the rights and wrongs of what Stonewall are doing. Theyre taking a position or theyre at least trying to have it both ways by officially maybe corporately, saying that theyre an independent civil service, but also allowing networks of staff to organise and campaign. One voice of opposition to Stonewalls approach is the LGB Alliance. And I think thats really worrying from a public body. But there has been, you might argue quite a patronising attitude to some gay people, lesbians, bisexual, trans people in these organisations where theyre kind of all lumped in together and they must all kind of think the same and have the same aspirations and then Stonewall say, well, we speak on behalf of their rights, so you can see how they go boxticked there you go. As it happens, one is the biological mother and one is the birthing mother- birthing parent, however, one wants to describe it. And we know that Stonewalls lobbied for it. C-I-S. Thats why partly one of the reasons we set up is we felt that gay peoples reputation is going to be undermined here. All the organisations and individuals with whom we worked had different views on a full range of census questions. Welcome to Nolan Allen, where amazing things happen. Remember, it's about cars, not about farts. So the word mother has gone there. Well, Ill explain. Browse for Stephen Osborn interviews, guest appearances, and call-ins. So obviously thinking that Stonewall will be very pleased with this and it might get them some extra marks. They say they have been excluded from many discussions on sexuality and gender issues. Fr Tim Bartlett, Malcolm Clark, Benjamin Cohen, Rosie Duffield, Alice Sullivan, Contrasts actual UK law, and how Stonewall presented the law in their work, Interview with two very different trans individuals, Debbie Hayton and Owen Hurcum, Sam Smith (BBC journalist), Benjamin Cohen, This page was last edited on 4 March 2023, at 04:49. Content Warnings: S3References to rape and sex with violence. We've g, Trekkies, Trekkers, whatever you call yourself, this one is for you! The Stephen Nolan Show is the most powerful radio program in Northern Ireland, but what drives its presenter, and what goes on behind the scenes? CREED III, ANT-MAN & THE WASP: QUANTUMANIA, why he reveres Heath Ledger's Joker performance, and more. Stephen Nolan, managing director of the UN's Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S), offers a global take on the impact of Covid-19 on the sustainable finance agenda. Do you have information relating to Marian's murder? Please rate and review. 46 years later, nobody has been brought to justice. Alex Fasulo On Being An Influencer, How To Build A Freelance Business And Life Lessons, Patients in pain, waiting years for health service treatment is now 'the norm' - warn GPs, Ep 105 Kimberly Anderson talks about her award winning anthology 'Do I look African', Episode 8 - Rend your hearts, not your garments, High-profile PSNI officer shot in Omagh in front of his son New IRA are primary focus of investigation, Batman on Film Chapter by Chapter Ep. Make snippets of Stephen talking to create audio highlights to share with your friends or embed in related blog posts. So they know theyre a lobby group, but they also say that they sell a service. Now we just dont have that access behind the scenes. We are the ones who found our way in a new life, Adopted Babies from China. It's a STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION reunion on HAPPY SAD CONFUSED as Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, Jonathan Frakes, and Michael Dorn gather to celebrate the launch of STAR TREK: PICARD's 3rd season. Stonewall say it is wildly misleading to describe the contract as having a gagging clause and say that it comprises entirely routine obligations of confidentiality that apply in circumstances, when organisations handle information about client policies and procedures and provide feedback. Nolan Investigates BBC Radio Ulster News 4.8 178 Ratings 14 OCT 2021 Episode 10 - Is the BBC too close to Stonewall? But you know, Benjamin, a lot of women are concerned about this. Thompson, we are good. They are currently expecting a child where its my friends egg and my friends wife is the expectant mother- she is pregnant. Hosts JB and Nolan chat for a little bit every other week about competitive meta news and make some jokes too. Speculation of a protocol deal being announced today - what will it mean for Stormont? [citation needed], Nolan reports that when he began the investigation, colleagues warned him against reporting on transgender topics.[3]. 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Podcast on @BBCSounds. Benjamin Cohen, CEO of Pink News. Hope the family gets justice. From BBC Radio I agree. Help! This led to a nice conversation about everyones curiosity and how we do not owe anyone explanations. MPs are lobbied. We do not support any political or campaigning organisations. The UK government has said, no, theyre not going to reform it. Who needs Snakes On a Plane when youve got a bear high out of its mind on cocaine? You must be the expectant mother, spouse or partner. to You must be the spouse or partner, including same sex partner of the pregnant woman. Copyright 2023 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. What have we just been sold by the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak? these organisations have outsourced their HR policy to a lobbying body & have ended up with policies reflecting what Stonewall would like the law to be as opposed to what the law actually says. Make snippets of Stephen talking to create audio highlights to share with your friends or embed in related blog posts. This 18 month investigation has already had significant impact behind the scenes in major public institutions. To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies. So theres an element of religious belief going on, but I wasnt comparing them to a cult. With Nolan Ft. Candice 14 days ago Life advice from two completely unqualified teens. Stephen Nolan is a radio and television presenter for BBC Northern Ireland and BBC Radio 5 Live, and he is the highest-paid BBC employee in the Province. There will be some people who feel that they are entitled to bring up a child, they are entitled to be part of a governments maternity policy without being excluded. After careful consideration, we believe it is time to step back from the Diversity Champions Programme and will also no longer participate in Stonewalls Workplace Equality Index. And what I would say is we need data on both sex and gender identity in order to test that hypothesis. "[8] Stonewall did not take up this offer. Professor of Law at the UC Davis School of Law and an expert on California housing law. Or click the links below to read a condensed transcript from each episode. Each episode, host and producer Nolan McBride is joined by a rotating panel of co-hosts to analyze each film individually before comparing and contrasting the differences in their approaches and highlighting what each movie brings to the horror genre. Or you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.This podcast series is presented by Stephen Nolan, with Vinny Hurrell.Produced by Vinny Hurrell. Squeezd from the goblin fruits for you. R3Explicit and protracted treatment of religious themes without intent to convert; religious beliefs of real and living persons. Because the language was inconsistent with what Stonewall wanted. Testosterone suppression in elite athletes what do we know? The BBC refused to release the information on the grounds that it could "have a detrimental impact on the commercial revenue of Stonewall". Podcasts My Sounds Nolan Investigates Nolan Investigates looks at the influence Stonewall has in public institutions across the UK. So having policy that is inclusive of those scenarios is actually really important to lesbians, also to gay couples who are starting families, for example, through surrogacy, where there isnt a mother inverted commas involved but they are two fathers, neither of whom will be having paid time off really before the birth, but will have time off after the birth as part of paternity rights. Because surely you can interpret that David as both of these people have a difference of opinion, they were able to openly talk about it. We are proud of work to support public sector organisations to create an inclusive workplace for their LGBTQ plus employees. I wouldnt compare them to a cult. Yes. Well, as someone who knows the research on that, thats pretty implausible, if only because actually, childbearing and gaps in employment for childbearing is a pretty important part of the gender pay gap. During the night she was seen dancing with a young man. Some cookies are placed by third party services that appear on our pages. The SNP government would not give us an interview, nor would a number of SNP representatives we contacted individually. Nolan Investigates or Nolan Investigates: Stonewall is an investigative journalism podcast, released all at once on 13 October 2021, looking into the BBC's relationship with the LGBT charity and lobby group Stonewall. So a perpetrator who is self-identifying can, therefore, in your view, skew that statistic- born a male describing themselves as a female, and now that perpetrator is a female perpetrator in the statistics. Two Millennials searching for truth in the sea of distraction & deception. So what we can see in these documents is that civil servants appear to be crossing the line between their role, as I understand it, of implementing the laws and the agenda of the government of the day and actually becoming advocates of change themselves. Isnt that sort of exactly what theyre not about? And so theyre getting preferential access and getting the opportunity to set out what they want that policy to be and to be very clear that what they would be fine with and what they wouldnt be. Well, a lot of this comes back to how you perceive Stonewall and Stonewall kind of have it both ways because they will admit publicly, we are a lobby group and we have affected great change over the years. On the 20th episode of Batman-On-Film.com's BATMANIMATION podcast, Senior BOF Contributors Peter Verra and Ryan Hoss discuss the Batman-centric episode from the HARLEY QUINN animated series on HBO Max, "Batman Begins Forever. Repeat that again. No, but the reason Im saying that is that the people who are concerned about this is actually a relatively small but vocal minority, I accept very, very vocal but the thing is that I dont see whats the problem about using a capsule term rather than having to use a whole long list of things. She is also a recovering indie publisher and a stay-at-home work-at-home mom who describes herself as a supermom with a second-hand cape and an empty glass of wine. Its the ONS and the leader of the ONS that ends up having egg on their face. Make snippets of Stephen talking to create audio highlights to share with your friends or embed in related blog posts. But with the contentious issue emerges here is around the Gender Recognition Act, which is being debated all across the UK, and its being debated in Scotland at the moment. Theres no legal basis for doing it. [2], Of lesser focus is questioning the legitimacy of Stonewall's status as self-assigned experts on LGBT matters. History's bloodiest civil war was over, claiming the lives of 20-30 million pe, UVF and UDA through their representative group say 'credible threat' - if loyalism and unionism continues to be undermined.

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