everquest afk mercenary leveling guide

With a group of three actual players though, you can steamroll this place for GOBS of experience. While you're on that sidebar, read the Returning/New Player FAQ. Kill the wereorcs. As an alternative around 73, you can kill the pixies around the guild hall port in. While I didnt test this strategy in The Bloodfields, I think that zone also has a fast respawn rate of 10 minutes and 40 seconds, so this strategy should also work there if you can find a similar camp. If you still need to eat up more time, head back to ETWK via the black portal and go to the camp where you buy gear. Without further ado. Stay close to the friendly dragorn and watch out for nameds until 85. It is highly recommended that you do this. Balanced: This stance is exactly how it sounds. AFK/Mercenary Leveling Guide for Everquest Levels 1-85 This is a guide dedicated to leveling your character automatically while either fully AFK or partially AFK. BEST (90-96): Valley of Lunanyn (Guild Hall>Buy Chunk of Argathian Steel>TP to Argath, Bastion of Illdaera>Valley of Lunanyn) - I sincerely hate that this is still true, but the Valley is still hard to beat in this range mostly because of the unique way the zone is setup. Dive to the bottom and click the big rock. With a group you can pull them pretty easily and have access to a HUGE number of mobs. You can start around lvl 65 or before when the mobs are dark blue if your toons are well geared and have max CS and CA. Burn AE (On some): This stance causes your mercenary to focus primarily on damage with AE spells, Always assisting the main assist, Passive: Your merc will not attack anything. True - but depending on the area / level / buffs needed you can set up for AFK and go out to work for the day - then come home and spend your time grinding. Neriak Fourth Gate (accessed off Neriak Third Gate or from ETWK if you've done attunement) - One of my favorite zones for grinding these levels out. The drachnid are probably the lowest level mobs in the zone, but it gets hard to pull singles and they have a lot of HP. When it isn't, it's a nice place for a change of pace, but I think exp is better elsewhere. They like to run, so bring a snare. Balanced: This stance is exactly how it sounds. Leveling up in Everquest 2 is very quick these days compared to before, but . Just get access to the second of his HAs, Artifacts of Great Importance. There are plenty of other sets from House of Thule and Veil of Alaris that can be had relatively cheaply, so do your research and check them out. If not, stay outside. The mob density is incredible and you can clear the first three levels of the tower at a breakneck speed. DO NOT USE FOLLOW HERE. A second thing to do would be to spend 10 dollars on Daybreak Cash. 48-55 kill the mutant floaty guys, shades and crazy humans. At 55-62 move to very center area of the zone and kill bigger shades and vampires. Dulak's Harbor (35-43)(PoK>Gulf of Gunthak>Dulak's) - You can go higher than this by killing cultists and stuff in the tunnels of the zone, but I think the best thing about this place is the mob density for lower levels. Some of the Shissar are undead, but most aren't and they have high HP and hit hard to boot. Don't ask me for how you do each HA. JavaScript is disabled. He will very likely murder you if you do. You can conceivably go to 80, but it slows down and there is better exp to be had elsewhere. These Mercenaries can be good options to level up first unless you have access to some of the most powerful Legendary Mercenaries. everquest afk mercenary leveling guide everquest afk mercenary leveling guide Home Realizacje i porady Bez kategorii everquest afk mercenary leveling guide. All rights reserved. (Intelligence level, Upkeep and all that). Keep clearing until you reach the bridges over water in the northern most area. The big marquee nameds are almost always camped and killed on a timer, so you probably wont see Maestro or Innoruk up. If you have a reliable interrupt though, pull like a madman and just prioritize those. Velkator's Laboratory (45-55)(PoK>Great Divide>Velk's) - This place has grown on me a lot. He is a raid target. A NOTE ON MERCS: At 75, you can do the Korascian Warrens progression. BEST IF GROUPED WITH HUMANS: 48-58 - Plane of Hate (Teleport from Guild Hall. But since I listed Dalnir, I felt I would be remiss to list this place. AFK/Mercenary Leveling Guide for Everquest Levels 1-85 This is a guide dedicated to leveling your character automatically while either fully AFK or partially AFK. Passive: Your merc will not attack anything. Kill these guys, turning in the quests as you finish them and then getting them again, until 75. They are designed for extra support or extra muscle in PvE encounters. Rangers and rogues used to like to come Headshot/Assassinate grind here. You'll make the amount it takes to pay them and more from those 5 mobs. EverQuest Cheats & Guides. You're Not Done at . Recently, the daily adventures have been moved to Plane of Knowledge and are received from Clayton Teek. It's a very easy zone to level in without much drama. I updated that page so that it has a link to almost every single EQ guide I have written; laid out for you by expansion & easily navigateable with Ctrl + F. It'll provide a better alternative to people who just want information about a specific zone rather than a leveling guide. You never have to upgrade your Mercenary, he will level with you. All the gear that levels up with you from 75 to 105 makes life hugely easier. It's called No Heroism Without Fear and begins at Investigator Drolmer. Passive: Your merc will not attack or heal anything. Nameds drop a pretty good belt and necklace. It's Hills of Shade all over again. I believe the camp is called Library Camp commonly. That said, some of the zones have been made hot zones. The money is amazeballs though, so if you have a group or are comfortable with your box setup, murder giants. (25% was in Overthere when it was a hot zone.) For example say you shrouded to level 10 Your mercenary will be free again. Considering how easy it is to level on live these days, just paying for one month while you level to 110 is plenty. You dont really explain where things are/how to get there. If you'd like to see every single zone in the game that I have a guide for, head over to my Everquest Index Page. Not much changes between 'minor' expansions in each leveling guide and you'll notice that the biggest change between leveling guides is Seeds of Destruction. (On Test Server, these free additional accounts come with Gold subscription status versus the Silver status on a Live server.) topic on the EQ forums. Press J to jump to the feed. I hope this just expands on his already awesome work. In other words that means all those levels that you can't find groups, you can use him for. I just wanted to see why you felt AFK Merc killing was assish and if you felt the same about AFK killing. If you don't like the scenery, zone over to City of Dranik. However I think the mercenary's could be a little more mercenary, The other better thread on this!!!11!!!111111111111!! This area is great if you're a paladin as you can slay the undead and stun out the worst of the damage from the Erudite necromancers. Aggressive: If you or any group member is attacked, your merc will attack. Everquest Mercenary Guide Mercenary Guide Mercenaries are the answer to Everquests "grind" and Must-Group to level. Everquest AFK Leveling Missions. You also must be out of combat. Also stay away from the center bottom left of the zone. Once inside, just follow your map and keep heading back until mobs start getting close to your level. Your toons are going to get attacked and hit. I was wondering if anyone knew of any AFK XP guides using 3 mercs besides this one: just where ever you pick be careful people still report for that. Clerics especially can race through here with their undead killing spells. From PoK>Gulf of Gunthak>Dulak's Harbor, Board the ship Stormwave or talk to the teleporter guy if it's all broken>Dead Hills. At 6-7 go into the middle cave and kill pumas. There is a new set every 5 levels but it isn't really worth getting more than maybe a set for a healer merc at 75, 85, and 105. There is another soldier camp down here in the dead center south of the zone, by the Sarith zoneline. The Foundation is one of them and might be worth heading to. Healers have a chance of actually rezzing you! They complete heal and can do it 7 or 8 times in a row. EQ Test Server: Play for Free as a Gold Member, A Site Dedicated to EverQuest (EQ) and the upcoming EverQuest Next (EQN), Phinigel TLP Server Leveling for Human Paladin @, EverQuest AFK Leveling (and AA) Guide: Its all about 3Boxing, Camp Info AC: 25 Aug Flameshield Stone Pyrilen Riftseeker @, Camp Info AC: 20 Aug Ground Murkglider Eyes Blind Hunter Rekamu MPG Expansion: OOW . Start off killing drakes, snakes, and spiders. You can pull the first floor starting about level 20 and move into the second floor about 24. I just dislike this place in total. As pay to play, you really don't break for AAs, just turn on autogrant and there you go. This guide is a solution to that problem. This is a short guide addressing the need of returning players. South of the citadel are the drachnid tunnels. You will be teleported to Ethernere Tainted West Karana and now attuned to the Dead Hills. Then it starts to slow down. If you don't mind having to fight your way in every time you zone in, murder farmers. http://www.almostgaming.com/everquest/afkmercenary-leveling-guide-for-eq1. The very best stuff is random world drops from Empires of Kunark mobs, with nameds dropping them more frequently. A great place to solo for a lot of classes at 105 for AAs. Mercenary Leveling and Equipment While mercenaries are quite adept at walloping the occasional moss snake, even the most adroit sell-sword can be taught a thing or two by an experienced adventurer. Rengar is an aggressive early jungler, with really good skirmish potential during early game, so you want to get as many opportunities to take over the game in the first 10 minutes of the game. There a couple of hallway corners that are mostly safe as well, but you have to kill to them and that can be dangerous. The mobs hit very hard and you can get overwhelmed very quickly. He will eventually spawn a named which will very likely take you 30 minutes to kill, but isn't really hard otherwise. Grouping is still one of the best ways to get experience, but the mercs help you when you can't find a group. WARNING: 'Hatching a Plan' mission next to PoK standalone bank has been nerfed into uselessness. The orcs hit a little harder and stun more and as you push back, there are higher level drakkin. Velkator's castle houses the highest level guys, mostly golems and gargoyles and you should come here around 52 and stay until about 55. This is a list of all the / type commands which can be used in Everquest. Field of Scale theme - Journeyman Rank IV. Q: If the Mercenary dies do I have to buy another one? There are two main camps that you'll use. The other room is basically in the exact same spot except on the left side of the map. At 12, all start killing gnolls or skeletal ogres. Can I keep him when I shroud? It takes a little while to become familiar with the layout and the mission but the mobs are reasonably densely packed and don't run. So I will continue making changes as I see what works best and for who. I will endeavor to keep this guide as up to date as possible and will revise as I play through zones with different class combinations or get better advice. ALTERNATIVES: Argath (88-92)(Guild Hall>Buy Chunk of Argathian Steel>TP to Argath, Bastion of Illdaera) - I only put this here because it is a hotzone and because of that, isn't bad. The estimated downtime is expected to be approximately 5 hours for the website and services, and 10 hours for servers. A: No mercs are not allowed in raid zones or most raid encounters. Riftseeker's Sanctum(69-78)(Guild Hall>Buy Chipped Shard of Slaughter>TP to Wall of Slaughter>Muramite Proving Grounds>Riftseeker's) - The mobs here hit hard, have lots of HP, heal, and resist spells, but the experience is awesome. Will be updating soon to include Ring of Scale. Sul Vius, Demiplane of Life - Inside Demiplane of Life, if you head down into the bottom right corner is an area filled with crypts. They respawn pretty quick and are higher level than most of the zone, so better exp longer. It's by far the fastest and is almost as easy as the Gribble missions. You should be able to clear through here without too much hastle. A lot of factors can go into a group or solo play. These things are amazing exp up to 62, at which point you need to go to the back and drop down into the froglok slave tunnels. ALTERNATIVES: Anything in Underfoot (83-90)(Guild Hall>Buy Unrefined Brellium Ore>TP to Brell's Rest>Pellucid/Underquarry/Cooling Chamber/Kernagir) - I seriously dislike Underfoot. Entire house is pretty much open at 26. The reason you select Journeyman is because the Journeyman mercenaries are better, stronger, faster and more advanced (Literally). You can very very quickly get yourself a full set of 87-92 gear, including the Formal armor set. The Mercenary Liaison in Cresent Reach is due east of you, if you follow the path you'll run right into him. THIS GUIDE ASSUMES YOU ARE PAY TO PLAY. Once you have some level 30 Mercenaries, you will want to level your future Mercenaries while grinding through tasks. PL ALTERNATIVE: 'Hatching a Plan' mission next to PoK standalone bank. ALTERNATIVES: Hills of Shade(78-85)(PoK>Steamfont Mnts>Loping Plains>Hills of Shade) - This place is heaven for paladins and might be faster for them than Ashengate. They come in 2 flavors: Apprentice and Journeyman, each with 5 ranks. You will need an invis item or supply of Cloudy Potions though as there are a lot of living creatures between you and the undead section of the zone. The goal is to get the three Clean Up the Farm quests from Siggik at the gnome camp near the Steamfont zoneline. Turn in the quest as you complete it. I fully admit that there are abilities some classes have that completely lower the bar for entry to a zone or extend the life of a zone a couple of levels. This room is very popular as it has access to 4 nameds (3 goblins in or very close two the big room and 1 beetle down a side corridor) and if you get lucky can very quickly have you loaded down with a full set of tier 2 EoK visible gear as well as a bunch of really good nonvis items and augs. Join or Create a guild, enter your guild hall from the guild lobby off PoK, find Zeflmin Werlikanin, buy a Fulligan Soulstone of Innoruk and give it to him. The druid is a . Stance: You're allowed to set the stance that you want your mercenary to be. I normally always see people using SKs with mage DS in like fortress mech to do the same thing. I didn't realize how good this zone was until I was recently leveling and grouped with a guy who dragged me out here. Otherwise, the area around his spawn point has the highest level mobs in the zone and yields great exp even up to 60 if you're patient. You might not even need to spend 10 dollars, since DBG gives you 500 Daybreak Cash a month. You won't be able to use it until 10 or 15 respectively, but you don't need it before then. Depending on how fast you're going this place is wonderful to 38, but tapers off to just decent after that IMO. At no point do I stop for AA's until I am level 110, so there will be no notation about AA grinding. If water and earth are camped because this zone is a hotzone sometimes, then run to the back of each wing and take the teleporter down to the bees. Lots of good loot and the spider camp and kobold village are pretty easy. Honestly feel like it's impossible to beat the exp you can get here from 30-35. HEROIC ADVENTURES BEGIN AKA THE MOST REPETITIVE THING TO DO IN A GAME THAT IS ALREADY REPETITIVE ENOUGH(75-110)(BOX/GROUP REQUIRED): You can begin doing HAs at 75 IF YOU BOX OR HAVE A GROUP (Yes some classes can solo them, but thats the exception rather than the rule and requires a lot of know how). Great post. Select the first HA he gives you, Into the Hills. Hitting Ctrl+R to walk is very good idea here. I normally just wander here, murdering the Cthulian nightmares that abound. A: Oh yes he did! Your destination is the top right corner buildings, which contains a ton of animated hands. If you aren't saving for something in particular, consider taking these. In the event that the bee's are camped, the bixies that ARE NOT IN THE FIELDS are a good secondary camp. I've separated all of them by expansion pack that way people playing on any TLP can easily access a leveling guide relevant to their expansion at any time! Outside the city are critters which can be pretty easily just wander killed. How this guide works: Player Level refers to the "sweet spot" level range for the player to both gain good experience while still being able to be effective (landing spells/melee) This doesn't mean you must be between this level range. Cooling Chamber does have a lot of undead in it for Paladins and Clerics. Then drop down via the waterways near the entrance to get to the tunnels and kill there until about 56. Also something to keep in mind is if you complete the themes out of order you will not unlock the mercenaries from the theme's below it. Coming from The Mines, start killing gnolls until 12. At 65 I like to head up to the second levels and kill the higher level guys there. Killing mass numbers of light blue mobs is particularly easy with this merc setup and a player toon. There are a lot fewer mobs as you go up in levels and it's much easier to head to City of Mist at 42-43 and crush out the last few levels really fast. Everything is gnomes, constructs, slimes, minotaurs, and elementals. That area is considered Tier 1 for the expansion. You will decimate all. There are 2 nameds plus a named treant you can easily access if no one else is killing them. It is easy to get overwhelmed at lower levels, especially with the ratmen who frequent the middle of the zone. These levels will go by in a flash, but watch out for the spiders. There is also a pair of undead graveyards here that can offer some decent exp in this range for Paladins, but the mob density is all that and you're better off in another zone. There are some guides if you wanted to bot it but in general this community does not promote AFK anything. When you complete an HA you are given a three hour lockout timer for THAT PARTICULAR HA. Those are raid mobs and will have mechanics you won't be able to deal with even if you could fight them. Fear Itself (88-93)(PoK>Feerott, the Dream>House of Thule, Lower>House of Thule, Upper>Fear Itself) - Even before this place was a hot zone, I loved this place. (Using ISBoxer is useful to this; please reference my other guide for info) It doesnt matter what the composition is of your 3 box team. J5 mercs are far better, can take harder hits, heal bigger, and hit harder. This amounts to tens of thousands of AA's. At 82 or straight away if you have a group, head down through the mansion to the basement area. Don't accidently attack Lhranc if you see him. Another semi decent camp would be the Gorgons in the top left of the zone. The same nameds you can get from the lake are here, though I believe a named giant is the most common one. Pathing will get you killed. Along the way, most players are going to need to grind a few thousand AAs in order to be effective at 80+ when playing their character. The mob level goes up to 92-94. So there is a level 75 vendor, 80, 85, 90 and so on. unsure if they removed it or not). Loping Plains(75-80)(PoK>Steamfont Mountains>Loping Plains) - At 75 come here and head around past Bloodmoon Keep. It's very simple and zone is your oyster beyond that. I will add something in about him. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. He made a name for himself with his amazing storytelling and music all featured in his videos of his train-hopping travels across North America. Kill everything here until 68ish. I think it takes way too long to kill anything and this is also about the point a merc starts falling off so downtime is way high. There is a big black stone in the bottom right corner of the zone. NOTE: IF THE FABLED CREATURES ARE UP, DO NOT ATTACK THE BLACK REAVER. I do solo leveling all the time for the challenge of it. It is SUPER useful for your entire leveling experience. When you get a new mercenary, it starts at Level 1 with only a single ability. If you're actually grinding, the entire cave and temple area will give you a lot faster progress just walking through, changing your speed and pull-numbers depending on your level (at the beginning, just pull 2-4 at a time, later on you can start pulling entire sections). The good news is money is now weightless! It essentially serves to let you worry about leveling without stopping for AAs. The amount of experience you get varies upon level, but I know in the level 100 range, you get around 8-10% of a level per completion, as well at 1-2% for kills. If you have access to it, the TBM Crypt-Hunter gear is comparable to every expansions group gear until 105 and you can upgrade it with augments so that it levels with you in 5 level blocks. You should easily average about 25% of an AA for each of the light blue mobs while at the South or North Camp. At 53 start heading down into the middle of the zone. It doesnt matter if you have no interest in playing the new characters when they reach the high end game. The mobs are around level 28-29, so it's a lot of exp for your level. This zone is sometimes a hotzone. Multiple mercs with heals, buffs, and DPS and you can soar through here. They will be indifferent to you to start. Q: I'm the puller for my group but my merc won't stop attacking it when its all the way out in the middle of no where. See below for the final bit of the guide. Kill dragons and drakkin on the north path until 81-82, then shift to the east path. Q: How does shrouding effect my mercenary? I just want it known that this is an imperfect guide, just like every guide. They will drain half your exp and do very little damage. From the time your mercenary dies to the time you can Rez him is 5 minutes, just like when you'd suspend him. © Copyright 2008-2022 Almar's Guides. That is how GMs check. At 46 you can fight the goblins at the zone in or move up the ramp to the left side of their courtyard and kill the crusaders and sentry's. BEST: 28-(35-45) Lower Guk (PoK>Innothule Swamp>Upper Guk>Lower Guk) - Head down to the dead side. The higher the mercenaries confidence level the less chance he has of running away. You can do 2 pathings in this patch (13.1B): By this point you should have gear that can hold up and healers who know what's what. The key is the respawn time for the zone. Kill everything. if your merc adds about 20% damage to your party then your exp will be about 60% of what it could have been solo. Just pick that one and level there. Then go and start slaughtering crows, scarecrows, and doombugs. It's also a MONSTER of a run as Jungle and Trak's Teeth are enormous zones. They can take a long time, but with a little research and experience you can get the times down on her missions as well. Mobs are tightly packed in some places and lots of classes who can swarm like to swarm here because of it. If you're having trouble making your mercenary level with you suspend him and go AFK for a few minutes. If you haven't done the others, they are still accessible. It is packed full of Erudites, undead, and gelatinous cubes. You can actually come here about 60-61 and kill in the area around the zone in/out. Slaughter everything you get your hands on that isn't a friendly dragorn. Kill lots of rotdogs and snakes. When you rez your mercenary you will immediately be charged the Upkeep cost on him. What i mean is if you do Field of Scale, you'll have the rank IV merc, not the III or II. Go through a little valley into the south side of the zone though and it becomes Tier 2. I can't think of many places where the time taken to get there and get setup to afk xp wouldn't have been better spent just killing or questing for regular xp then logging out. Also keep in mind almost everything here summons. The merc will cast a rez (When out of combat) to anyone in your group who is dead. The south camp is the three rooms near the Nobles Causeway zone line. The Fortress Mechanotus Zones(75-85)(Guild Hall>Buy Dragonscale Faycite>TP to Dragonscale Hills>Fortress Mechanotus>Gyrospires/Meldraths/SHIP/Steam Factory) - This area isn't one of my favorites and I haven't spent a considerable amount of time hunting in them. You need the three accounts, so you can create a sustainable merc team. You can very easily start pulling groups of 4-5 by 70 and by 72 can straight swarm pull and still not see your mercs mana fluctuate. You can push to 86-87 here by going into the west corridors, but the exp falls off a cliff at 83. Second I want to point out that while boxing isn't a must, and subbing isn't a must, it makes this game exponentially easier. BEST : Plane of Fire (62-68(72))(PoK>PoTranq>Plane of Fire) - Grab yourself a levitate and float your way into the first city area of Plane of Fire. A NOTE ON MERCENARIES AT 85: At 85, to assist players utilizing a Heroic Character (a character which is automatically leveled to 85 for you and given subpar but serviceable gear, a mount, and other goodies. Will continue editing as I play through on different characters. Otherwise its like an ooze and a tidemage or a trio of warpriests. In addition, they are packed together. Made a handful of edits as of 1/13/2017. Q: How much better could a Mercenary possibly make leveling? IN ADDITION: Recently, much better versions of mercenary gear have been released that make your mercs WAY more effective. Black Reaver included. Hardest part of this zone is not dying in the fields. Third, get yourself maps immediately. RUN EVERYONE INDIVIDUALLY OR CALL OF HERO THEM IF YOU HAVE A MAGE. Begin murdering worgs, turning the quest in every 20 worgs. I forget about that guy. Feel free to tell me how terrible my suggestions are, as long as you leave a different/better idea. I don't like them and only do them if guildmates beg me to. Giving out the daily HA tasks? Q: So wait a mercenary is allowed into an LDoN? High enough that 2 rangers headshotting with an SK tanking and wizard also spamming nukes with shaman support couldn't exhaust all the mobs before they repopped. Also the mercenary will cost the same amount he would to the level that you shrouded to. House of Thule, Lower Floors(80-85 W/GEAR IF SOLO OR BOX)(PoK>Feerott, the Dream>House of Thule) - The courtyard used to be one of the best grinding spots in the game. They are however allowed into LDoN's. If you have a group, a great place to go is over to the bottom left of the top section of the zone. Don't fight the ones in the fields as the majority of them are cleric mobs with big heals and a resistance to stuns. A: You must be carrying the plat on you in order to pay your merc. The only issue there is you need to be capable of farming Remnants of Tranquility from TBM missions and HAs. A single heroic 85 is all that is really needed to roll over the content though, which shouldn't be hard to find on any server you're on. If you're a new player then you'll be able to find a Mercenary Liaison right in Cresent Reach (granted if you Start there). At around 66 if you're clearing those areas efficiently, head over to the Muramite Proving Grounds zone line. Your merc will balance his abilities in defending and attacking the enemies pulled to him. Special mercenaries are unlocked via other means, usually involving an expenditure of real money. Not very fast, but not very hard either. You can stay here until you reach level 77. Ive left a trio of toons in the tutorial afk, not for the sole purpose of xpin, but I had something come up and left the keyboard. It will pick up quite a bit around level 25, and you will get to 30 very very quickly. Usually you can kill 5 or more mobs in the 15 minutes it takes between Upkeep's.

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